Buying Property in Belize

Buying Property in Belize is what most of us dream about… Belize is one of the Caribbeans best kept secrets, a former British Colony boasting a stable democratic Government, friendly English speaking population, English Legal System and some of the most beautiful natural assets. Hundreds of turquoise framed tropical cayes protected by the second largest barrier reef in the world play host to  some of the best diving, fishing and snorkeling in the world.

Belize offers so much to the adventurous soul; Mountains, Waterfalls, Tropical Rain Forests and Mayan Ruins all add to the mystique and attraction that is Belize…Belize’s biggest asset are its’s people – Mayan, Mesquite, Mennonite, Garifuna, Hispanic, Indian, Chinese and English descendants all make up the melting pot that call Belize home…Belize has a population of only 350.000 and a sprawling landmass with incredible land based and marine based natural resources, the people are the stewards of the environment  with over 30% of Belize’s landmass and coastal areas designated as reserves.

Buying property in Belize is a fairly simple process that is familiar and similar to property transactions in the US and Canada, with clear hereditary title being transferred to purchasers of property, real title with many benefits…

Buying Property in Belize attracts a once off stamp duty payable at closing to the Government of Belize, the stamp duty is 8% of the value of the property being purchased, closing costs to attorneys varies from 1.5 to 3 % of the purchase price which is pretty standard for the Caribbean.


  • Yearly Property Taxes are minimal and usually equate to a token amount of $50- $150 per year 
  • There are no Withholding Taxes
  • Full Repatriation of capital
  • No inheritance Tax
  • No Capital Gains Tax

As it stands now Placencia offers one of the most unique property opportunities in the Caribbean, this stunning 16 mile Peninsula has a limited amount of land that juts out into the Caribbbean Sea with it’s backdrop being the stunning Placencia Lagoon and Maya Mountains. Values are set to increase dramatically with beachfront Condos and Beach Front Home Sites selling at half the price, or less,  of destinations like Cayman, Turks and Caicos, Barbados and St Kitts and Nevis. Placencia offers uncommon value for buying real estate in Belize and whether it’s a beachfront condominium or a lagoon lot, prices are increasing as demand grows…

The opening of the Harvest Caye cruise terminal just off Placencia and the eventual opening of the International Airport, Placencia is set for a huge growth surge, but don’t worry, with the limited land available for sale, most of it being residential home sites, the Peninsula as a factor of its geography is protected from over development.

Major Banks in Belize have earmarked Placencia as the investment ‘hotspot’ for the next 10- 15 years, major Hotel Brands are making inroads into creating a presence in our incredible seaside village.